About Me

frank koi pond samFrank Morales has been building beautiful custom-designed koi ponds throughout Southern California since 1997.

For nearly two decades, Frank has built and repaired hundreds of ponds, establishing himself as one of the leading experts in the art of koi pond construction.

Frank’s passion for koi started in the the mid-1990s when he and wife Nancy began attending local koi shows and feverishly educating themselves about the hobby they’d quickly grow to love.

They enjoyed the hobby so fervently, in fact, that Frank decided he’d try building his own fish pond in the backyard of his home in Lakewood, California.  Utilizing the expertise gleaned during a 20-year career as a rod-buster erecting freeways and hi-rise buildings, Frank successfully completed his first pond.
frank with truck -small pic
He soon realized, however, that his 350-gallon pond was too small to contain any potential Grand Champions, so he then built a magnificent state-of-the-art 10,000-gallon masterpiece.

As word spread throughout the koi community, it wasn’t long before Frank began receiving a steady stream of job referrals from area fish enthusiasts.

Soon thereafter, he started his own pond construction business, named it Koi Ponds & Streams, and he’s been building, designing, repairing, and maintaining ponds for the fish he loves ever since.