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Saturday, 12 June 2004
Frank Morales has been building Koi ponds since 1997. Before Frank was building ponds he was a rod-buster for almost 20 years; he built freeways, hi-rise buildings and retrofitted some of California’s Landmarks.  Frank and his wife  Nancy, became very passionate about Koi. They enjoyed going to shows and watching all the dealers fish come in.After realizing how much they enjoyed being a part of the Koi hobby, frank built his first pond which was only about 350 gallons.  A pond of that size could not hold any potential grand champion winners and so he kept building bigger ones. Frank’s first major accomplishment came in 2001 when he built his own 10,000 gallon pond. Thanks to good friends like Burt Ballou this accomplishment was made possible.    Shortly thereafter, Frank was given job referrals by the local dealers, and he was completing side jobs on the weekends.  There was no time in between because he was working 40 hours plus a week as a rod buster and building ponds on weekends. After others saw what a wonderful job he had done on his own pond, others were really interested in having him custom build a pond for their homes and businesses.  Soon thereafter Frank started his own business, KOI POND & STREAMS, building ponds for the fish he loves so much, KOI…. None of this would have been possible without the help and encouragement from Ken Tran.  It has been 7 years now, and he is just as passionate as he was when he first started. He has built and repaired hundreds of Koi ponds. Frank being a Koi hobbyist has high expectations on how his customer’s ponds should be built. Frank is not in this just for the money, he is in it for the Koi and the hobby. Frank and his wife Nancy, started a Koi club and have helped most of the local clubs with their shows and auctions. They have entered their Koi into shows in California, Arizona and Colorado.  They have won some of the highest awards with their personal collection of Koi. Frank has 3 ponds at his home, a 10,000 gal Koi pond, a 2000 gallon Koi pond, and an 800 gallon water garden pond.   
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